João Fiadeiro
First Case Study: October 2014 to March 2016 More

Introduction: Composition in Real Time method

Performance Studies & Information Vizualisation

Multimodal Communication & Cognition

Computer Vision & Motion Tracking

Rui Lopes Graça
Second Case Study: May 2016 to October 2017 More

Performance Studies & Information Vizualisation

Talent Development in Research

March 3 to 5, 2016 / Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto

Trainers: Isabel Galhano Rodrigues, Elena Galvão and Joanna Skubisz

Application: until February 24, 2016

The course aims to teach the use of ELAN video annotation software program. As this program is used to note various forms of communication in the face-to-face interaction, whose study has been developed in FLUP, as well as in other international institutions, theoretical foundations of the area of Gesture Studies will also be transmitted, which can be applied in with different objectives in areas such as: Language Sciences, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Neurology, Architecture, Performative Arts, Digital Arts, Human Mobility.


Part I: Gesture Studies:

  1. Gesture Studies: history of a new discipline (interdisciplinary)
  2. Perspectives of the gesture approach
  3. Kinesthetic modalities: gestures, movements of the head, torso, orientation of the gaze, facial expressions.
  4. The Kendon continuum, types and functions of gestures
  5. Gesture and cognition: Acquisition of gesture and language
  6. Interaction gesture: imitation, alignment and adaptation
  7. Units of analysis of the movement: parts of the gesture and units of gesture.


  1. Instruments for analyzing / annotating videos (ANVIL, ExMaralda, ELAN)
  2. Annotation with own video / audio material
  3. Data export / annotation searches and other program specificities.