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Evola, Vito & Skubisz, Joanna (2019). "Coordinated Collaboration and Nonverbal Social Interactions: A Formal and Functional Analysis of Gaze, Gestures, and Other Body Movements in a Contemporary Dance Improvisation Performance". Journal of Nonverbal Behavior (in press, December 2019). DOI: Available in open access (online first) at:

Abstract: This study presents a microanalysis of what information performers “give” and “give off” to each other via their bodies during a contemporary dance improvisation. We compare what expert performers and non-performers (sufficiently trained to successfully perform) do with their bodies during a silent, multiparty improvisation exercise, in order to identify any differences and to provide insight into nonverbal communication in a less conventional setting. The coordinated collaboration of the participants (two groups of six) was examined in a frame-by-frame analysis focusing on all body movements, including gaze shifts as well as the formal and functional movement units produced in the head-face, upper-, and lower-body regions. The Method section describes in detail the annotation process and inter-rater agreement. The results of this study indicate that expert performers during the improvisation are in “performance mode” and have embodied other social cognitive strategies and skills (e.g., endogenous orienting, gaze avoidance, greater motor control) that the non-performers do not have available. The information that expert performers produce is quantitatively less and qualitatively more inferential than intentional compared to a control group of non-performers, which affects the quality of the performance.

Keywords: collaboration; dance improvisation; non-verbal interactions; social cognition; body movements; gaze

Video Data

Video data available on the BlackBox Arts&Cognition Vimeo page

Annotation Data and Material

All data and material (coding manual, ELAN template, annotation data, tabular data, R scripts, "Real Time Composition Game Manual (Table Version)" given to study participants) is registered and published on the Open Science Framework repository.

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Evola, V., Skubisz, J., & Fernandes, C. (2019, June 28). Data and Material for “Coordinated collaboration and nonverbal social interactions.”

For the ELAN tool (annotation tool for audio-visual data), see:


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