João Fiadeiro
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Introduction: Composition in Real Time method

Performance Studies & Information Vizualisation

Multimodal Communication & Cognition

Computer Vision & Motion Tracking

Rui Lopes Graça
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Joanna Skubisz

PhD student and researcher

I am a Grantee student for PhD research in the framework of the BlackBox project (Multimodal Communication/Linguistic section) and focus my research on human body movements performed in artistic and creative settings with a special focus on eye-gaze in turn-taking and the embodiment phenomenon in the teaching practice.

I received my MA German Philology and German as a Foreign Language degree at Bielefeld University (2014), writing a thesis about the communicative functions of listeners’ non-verbal behaviour, focusing head-gesture movements. In brief, I was questioning if and how communicative feedback functions can be assigned to head-gestures, independently from speech.

My interests in multimodal communication and gesture studies began in 2011, when I started to work as a research assistant in Prof. Dr. Petra Wagner's Phonetics and Phonology Lab and her “Rhythm and timing in dialogue” project at Bielefeld University. During those next three years, I developed skills in speech and gesture annotation (e.g. ELAN, Praat, ExMARALDA), I learned how to document multimodal data sets, as well as I gained insights into the maintenance process and ethical issues of multimodal corpora. From 2008-2010, I also worked in another DFG-funded project: “Repairs and reformulations in dialogue”.

During my stay at Bielefeld University, I also gained teaching experience (“Introduction to German linguistics” (2008-2010) and “Introduction to language teaching” (2010-2013) to graduate and undergraduate students). Teaching was a natural outcome of my previous qualifications from PWSZ Konin (Poland), where I studied methodology and didactis of German language and received my Bachelor's degree (2009).

Within the framework of the BlackBox project, I am investigating collaborative process in multi-party situations, where the speech, as a communicative tool, is not accessible to the participants. In accordance with my previous research work, I am interested in how interlocutors express their feedback non-verbally, and thus contribute actively to a smooth communication. The qualitative and quantitative micro-analysis of verbal expressions and bodily movements within the artistic context from Cognitive Linguistic point of view is my major function with the project.

How is the teaching practice executed (embodied) in the performing arts domain, is what I am trying to answer in my PhD thesis.