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O Que Fazer Daqui Para Tràs

What To Do With What Remains - Documentary, 2017

Idea by: Carla Fernandes
Directed by: Stephan Jürgens and Carla Fernandes
Produced by: Carla Fernandes and Stephan Jürgens
Production Assistant: Liz Vahia
Art Direction and Technical Supervision: Francisco Henriques
Editing: Rita Campos
Motion Graphics: João Pedro (blackframe)
Grading: Rui Barros
Voice Recording, Sound Design and Post-Production: Pedro Manteigas (blackframe)
Narrated by: Amanda Booth
Subtitles: Sérgia Brás d'Almeida, André Silva Santos and Liz Vahia

"O Que Fazer Daqui Para Trás" is a work by João Fiadeiro
Co-created by: Adaline Anobile, Carolina Campos, Daniel Pizamiglio, Iván Haidar and Márcia Lança

Workshop participants in Castelo Branco:
Ana Gil, Ana João Cavalheiro, Andreia Silva, Joana Cotrim, Joana Martins, Maria Belo Costa, Nuno Leão, Rita Pestana, Tânia Bento and Sónia Correia.


We have accompanied João Fiadeiro's latest stage production O que fazer daqui para trás (What to do with what remains) at different stages of the creative process. The resulting documentary film provides priviledged insights into the rehearsal process of the company, and the conceptual and dramaturgical structure of the work. The film was premiered at the Cinemateca in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 15th of December 2017.