A VR Dance Study with Sylvia Rijmer – Body Logic in Virtual Reality

Documentary Short, 2019

Concept & Artistic Direction: Sylvia Rijmer
Dancers: Teresa Alves da Silva, Allan Falieri, Elson Ferreira
Original Music Composition: Miguel Lucas Mendes

Produced by: Carla Fernandes
VR Researchers: Cláudia Ribeiro, Rafael Kuffner

Video & Audio: André Silva Santos, Liz Vahia
Editing & Subtitles: André Silva Santos
Editing & Subtitles Consultant: Vito Evola

with the support of
Estúdio CAB - Centro Coreográfico de Lisboa
European Research Council
Instituto de Comunicação da NOVA




From September to October 2018, the BlackBox team invited choreographer Sylvia Rijmer and three professional dancers to work together in order to "illustrate" concepts and elements of her Body Logic Method, creating a Virtual Reality visualisation of Cornelius Cardew's score "Treatise" (1967) in Unity 3D, by using a Vive headset to enhance the dancers' experience while they were creating compositional material. This documentary accompanies a single day of that creative process.