After six years of absence from the stage, during which Fiadeiro dedicated himself to investigating, systematizing and developing his CTR method, he initiated a new choreographic cycle. For his first re-appearance he presented his audience with an “updated topographic map of concerns”.

In other words, Fiadeiro selected three solo works from different decades for the SOLOS | ENACTMENTS performance series, reworked two pieces and presented the third in the hybrid format of a lecture-performance in order to share essential insights from his ‘sabbatical’. The program notes explicitly refer to the influence of the CTR method in his choreographic approach and describe the “solo figure as a privileged place” for the manifestation of his areas of interest.

For us as researchers interested in the initial stages of Fiadeiro’s creative process, it was a rare opportunity to witness and accompany this beginning of a new choreographic cycle, particularly because Fiadeiro started this new phase presenting his audience with a profound reflection upon his career’s work so far.

Animated infographic films

In collaboration with Fiadeiro, each solo work was analyzed with a focus on the underlying artistic ideas, concepts and dramaturgical strategies. Subsequently we produced three infographic videos about Fiadeiro's studio space and practice which invite the viewer to engage with his artistic universe. This article discusses the making of our films in depth:

I am sitting in a different room from the one you are in now (1997)

I am sitting in a different room from the one you are in now (1997)

The performance I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now inaugurates, in a more explicit way, the influence Real Time Composition – a tool Fiadeiro started to outline two years before, in 1995 – has on the way he relates with composition and improvisation. It’s with this solo that he begins a more visible rupture with composition strategies that came from his first influences (American post-modernism and Belgian new dance) and that served as a reference for Companhia RE.AL first works. More

I was here
(2008, conference-performance)

I was here  (2008, conference-performance)

I was here will expose – through the presentation of films, photos, texts, models, small presentations, etc. – the way how the encounter with Helena Almeida’s work happened; the encounter with Helena Almeida herself; the way how, on its different levels, the displacement between the original affection, the formulation laid down and the work manifestation developed; and the way how the relationship between the several collaborators went through, specially with the visual artist and architect Walter Lauterer, author of the scenography-sculpture that hosts João Fiadeiro’s body in the piece I am here. More

Este corpo que me ocupa (2008)
(in English: This body that occupies me)

Este corpo que me ocupa (2008) (in English: This body that occupies me)

The work Este corpo que me ocupa closes, in a certain way, a cycle started eleven years before with “I am sitting in a room…” where João Fiadeiro devoted himself – through a series of interfaces he promoted (creation projects, investigation ateliers, workshops) and through the theoretical and practical platform Real Time Composition offered – to experiment and systematize new way of collaboration, composition and artistic creation. More