Dance in Virtual Reality

“Dance in Virtual reality – deconstructing choreographic objects through expanded media" is an installation-gallery in Virtual Reality that has resulted from the convergence between choreographer Sylvia Rijmer's impulse to formalize her current compositional methodologies and the motivation of the BlackBox team to analyse and visually document unique artistic processes in contemporary dance.

The installation offers its visitors an opportunity to experience in an immersive way several novel and alternative visualizations about a creative process in dance. Very diversified media and technologies have been used for its development: from 3D point clouds, to stereoscopic and burst photography, as well as embedded animated infographics.  For more information and other video documentaries on this case-study with Sylvia Rijmer, please visit our Media gallery.

Development: Rafael Kuffner, Cláudia Ribeiro, Stephan Jürgens and Francisco Henriques
Technical assistance: Sara Ribeiro
Artistic consultancy: Sylvia Rijmer
Direction: Carla Fernandes