Fifteen Dancers and Changeable Tempo 360º

Fifteen Dancers and Changeable Tempo 360º analyses the piece “Quinze Bailarinos e Tempo Incerto” (Fifteen Dancers and Changeable Tempo), a work by the visual artist João Penalva and the choreographer Rui Lopes Graça, which was presented by the National Ballet of Portugal (CNB) in 2016. Fifteen Dancers and Changeable Tempo 360º was conceived and realized by Stephan Jürgens (BlackBox Arts & Cognition Project) and Roger Oliveira, a digital media producer from Space Tailor (an interactive media company dedicated to the development of 360º digital environments), produced by Carla Fernandes (principal investigator of the BlackBox Arts & Cognition Project).

Fifteen Dancers and Changeable Tempo 360º is a multiple viewport platform (for computer, tablet and VR headsets) that introduces the viewer to selected compositional strategies and artistic ideas by the authors of the ballet, João Penalva and Rui Lopes Graça, as researched by Stephan Jürgens. In collaboration with the dancers of CNB and Rui Lopes Graça, a rehearsal of two sections of the ballet “Quinze Bailarinos e Tempo Incerto”was filmed for the 360º video environment by Roger Oliveira. Moreover, both films include graphic information, which allow the viewer to understand essential compositional ideas underlying this dance work.


How to use the 360º video platform


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