Ana Rita Fonseca

Invited research Fellow

Ana Rita Fonseca holds a PhD in Neuroscience and is interested in understanding the creative generation of movement and underlying action selection processes from the perspective of neurobiology. Her doctoral research focused on decision-making processes in cases where multiple action sequences are available to reach the same goal. She developed a behavioral paradigm where rodents where presented with a decision-making problem and where movement was key to understand the underlying decion-making processes. This work was developed at Systems Neuroscience Laboratory-Champalimaud Research (Lisbon, Portugal). As an invited researcher of the BlackBox project, Ana Rita is working on understanding if a coreographer's brain takes more pleasure in looking at certain patterns of movement and if that preferences impact in the choreographic decisions. More concretely, she is developing a behavioral paradigm to measure internal variables that weigh on the decision-making processes of choreographers using a psychophysics approach.