Urândia Aragão

PhD Student

Andrea Brandão (1976) was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Attends the PhD program Artistic Studies at FSCH – Nova University in Lisbon, since 2015. She’s a Visual Artist and develops work in the area of drawing, performance, installation and art intervention. Her work explores the notion of 'process', seeking to test the limits of definition and realization of the work. She has worked as a performer and collaborated both with choreographers and visual artists in performance and art projects. More recently: "Enough evidences for the incoherence of the world” co - creating with choreographer Marcia Lança. Participated in festivals, collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal, Estónia, Vienna and São Paulo. Namely, solo show “Moment I” at Tranquilidade Art Space (2014) and collective show “Have you noticed like the question mark looks like an ear and that questioning is done by listening?” at Júlio Pomar Museum-studio (2015) both curated by Maria do Mar Fazenda.