Bertha Bermúdez Pascual

Choreographer and PhD Student

Bertha Bermúdez Pascual holds an MA in Dance and Choreography and is currently a PhD student at the Amsterdam School for Heritage and Memory Studies. A former dancer at Frankfurt Ballet, Compañia Nacional de Danza and Emio Greco | PC, she turned towards research work on dance documentation and notation, coordinating various research projects – (Capturing) Intention 2005-2008, Inside Movement Knowledge (2009-2011) and Pre-choreographic Elements (2009-2014) – under the umbrella of ICkamsterdam. Bermudez has been invited to several international conferences as a keynote speaker and has published papers in various international journals.She has been associate researcher in international projects such as “A Transmedia Knowledge-Base for Performing Arts” (TKB), “Motion Bank educational Group” and the ARTI group from the Amsterdam School for the Arts. Since 2009 Bermudez has been working together with Maite Bermudez doing research and artistic work around dance and film projects, focusing on documentation and storytelling. Currently, she is working on her PhD which includes her research project Intangible Traces (2006 - ongoing) based on the traditional dances of Mongolia, Venezuela and Spain. She also participates in the European research project REFLEX, developing a tool and guide for the documentation of dance pedagogy practices.