Maria Clotilde Almeida

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the General and Romance Linguistics Department of the Faculty of Arts (University of Lisbon), Maria Clotilde Almeida has been teaching, beside other disciplines in graduate courses at FLUL, cognitive-oriented seminars in the Master in Translation and in the Master and phD. in Culture and Communication at FLUL and at the Master in Translation and Interpretation at IPM-Macao-China, having supervised more than 40 cognitive-oriented Master and phD. dissertations at FLUL. She is an integrated member of the Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa and invited investigator of Centro de Linguística da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, having participated in several international projects in the domains of Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Semiotics. Her recent publication Tradução-Transcriação-Transculturalidade (Independence-Arkonte Publising, 2016), co-authored and co-edited by her, is being adopted at several universities in the Portuguese-speaking academic world. She has (co-)published papers within the cognitive paradigm targeting monomodal and multimodal metaphors in sports newspaper headlines and covers, with special reference to “Heldenmetaphern in der portugiesichen und deutschen Sportspresse” (2010), “From Monomodal to Multimodal Metaphors in covers of the sports newspaper A Bola” (2015) and “Going Political: multimodal metaphor framings on a cover of the sportsnewspaper A Bola” (2016), having also co-authored Jogar futebol com as palavras: imagens metafóricas no jornal A Bola” (2013). She has also (co-)investigated conceptual metaphors in Rap songs (see “Metaphors in Rap Texts: Local Architecturings of Political Agendas” (2013) and “Worldmaking in Rap: predators, fighters, salvagers- a multimodal approach” (2016)), as well as gestures in Portuguese and German rap video-clips “Gestures in Rap video-clips: a cross- cultural approach (2017). More recently, she has also produced investigation on multimodal metaphors in self-help books for women “Análise Multimodal de Manuais de Auto-ajuda e de Melhoria de Desempenho: abordagem cognitiva de questões de género “, as well as on work performance enhancement manuals “Wine Bar Theory: multimodal metaphors and metonymies for a successful work performance” (2017), Also in 2017, she co-organized the international conference “Rhetoric Discourse and the Communicative-Dialogical Mind (FLUL,7-9 June, 2017), a joint organization of CLUL and CEC (Centro de Estudos Clássicos), co.financed by the FCT. She participated at international symposium at the Universidad de Castilla-la-Mancha Mov(e)ing – From experience to communication through language, image and sound organized by  Rosario Caballero, with the presentation “Motion and Multimodality: Tracking Gender Issues”.