Stephan Jürgens

Post-doc researcher

Stephan Jürgens holds a PhD on Contemporary Choreography and New Media Technologies. His research interests concentrate on designing creative strategies for live performance involving interactive systems. He has been teaching movement research, interdisciplinary choreography and interactive system design in many different learning environments and institutions for many different people ranging from interested beginners to professional performers and MA/PhD students. He collaborated on several international research projects, such as, TeDance and TKB, and was coordinator of the Get-Real-Project, all of which investigate the use of recent technology in Contemporary Dance and Live Performance. As a choreographer he has presented several works supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. His collaborative digital performance work .txt won the national multimedia prize in 2010. Author of several papers and book chapters in international and national publications.

As a core researcher of the BlackBox project, Stephan is collaboratively exploring the intersection of the performing arts with newest digital media technologies to support software development assisting the creative processes and performance composition. More concretely, his focus is on the “translation” of artistic conceptual structures in the work of selected artists into the software architecture of a novel collaborative platform to be built during the course of the project.

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